Imminent return to training – a message from the President

Message from Lugarno FC President Hagop Tchamkertenian regarding imminent resumption of training.

Lugarno FC is excited and looks forward to the resumption of training after Football NSW removed the ban they had initiated on training. We are now waiting to be provided with the green light by our association the SGFA to commence training at Gannons Park.

When the SGFA advises Lugarno FC that we can resume training, we will advise all our teams and members accordingly.

It is important to remember that when training resumes at Gannons Park, it will be done under strict guidelines to manage COVID-19. This means we have certain protocols we need to introduce and follow to ensure that training is both enjoyable and safe for all members of our football community.

It is critical that all Lugarno FC players, parents, team officials, and supporters familiarise themselves with and follow the return to training guidelines that have been issued by FNSW. The guidelines have already been circulated to our team officials and they can be accessed via the following link:

Click to access Return-to-Training-Guidelines-FNSW.pdf

Additional FNSW return to training resources are also available via the following link:

Return to Training Resources

It is becoming a bit of a cliche but to manage the “new normal” we need to remain diligent and abide by the health guidelines. The virus has not gone away and is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. We have been given the opportunity to resume training activities with certain limitations aimed at promoting public safety.

The key new training guidelines are:

•Team officials need to keep an attendance record of players involved in training seasons. They can either use the FNSW template or take photos of the training session. These attendance records are essential as they will be used if there is a need to undertake contact tracing.
•Hand wash or sanitisers need to be provided for the training groups. Coaches and Managers need to manage this for their group.
•The maximum number for a training group is 10 people including team officials.
•There is to be no contact skills training, participants need to maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene such as regular washing of hands with soap and/or sanitisers.
•Drink bottles and bibs must not be shared and training equipment must be sanitised before and after each training session.
•Players from one team must not mingle with players from another team.
•When training finishes the expectation is for players and team officials to head straight home and not to socialise with others.
•Parents are encouraged to drop their kids to training and pick them up instead of remaining at the park. If some parents have to remain at the park during training, they must remain at a certain distance from training activities.
•Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to attend training whilst unwell. The simple message remains: if your unwell or have the symptoms of COVID-19 then you must stay away from training and get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.
•Anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 must not engage in any football activities until they have received a negative result.

As a football community, we must do the right thing and respect and abide by these guidelines. If we collectively remain disciplined then we have the opportunity to progress quickly to the next step and participate in games.

While some factors will always remain beyond our immediate control, others are dependant on both our behaviour, actions and adherence to the training rules.

Lugarno FC requests all players, parents and team officials to remain diligent and follow all rules and directives issued by the club, the SGFA and Football NSW.

We can play football, we can have fun, but we have to do it in a safe and responsible manner.

Lugarno FC welcomes you back to football.

Yours in football

Hagop Tchamkertenian
Lugarno FC

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