Lugarno Football Club Incorporated 
2020 Executive Committee

Lugarno Football Club are a volunteer operated club and local members of the community have formed the 2020 Executive Lugarno FC Committee

President Hagop Tchamkertenian
Vice President Atef Elassi
Secretary Sue Dick
Assistant Secretary Maria Radcliffe
Treasurer Eddy Poh
Registrar Phillip Roy
Assistant Registrar Hagop Tchamkertenian
Club Coaching Director Dejan Lukic
Senior Men’s Liaison Officer Con Dellas
Girls/Women’s Liaison Officer Rebecca Harrison
Junior Liaison Officer Rebecca Harrison and Leonie Welstead
Non-Comp Liaison Officer Michael Jarevski
Grading/Trial Match Coordinator Jeremy Peisley
Sponsorship Officer Andrew Simmons
Social Coordinator Natasha Jankulovski
Recorder Laura Butcher
Roster Coordinator Laura Butcher
Communications Officer Domenic Cuda
Social Media Coordinators Domenic Cuda
Natasha Jankulovski
Website Coordinator Domenic Cuda
Grounds Manager Dean Vassilopoulos
Canteen Managers Sue Dick
Trustee/Equipment Officer Vlado Mazevski
Equipment Assistant
Membership Protection Officer Mary Tchamkertenian
Public Officer Sue Dick