About Lugarno Football Club

The Lugarno Football Club is one of the most prominent and respected clubs in the St George Football Association. In the most recent football season the club fielded some 42 teams (20 competition and 22 non-competition teams) and had more than 500 registered players and 102 team officials covering the age groups from the under 6’s to the over 45’s. The Club fields teams across both genders.

Lugarno Football Club enjoys a broad geographical reach and appeal with players originating from more than 70 suburbs across the Sydney region.

What Makes Lugarno Football Club Unique?

Players, coaches and managers, club officials and supporters were invited to submit comments stating what makes the Club unique. The best responses are consolidated below portraying how the Club is perceived by its members.

  • Lugarno FC caters for the needs of all who seek to play the great game we call football. The Club does not recruit or accept players exclusively based on football ability, it is not an elitist club. Any player or club official that abides by the Club’s values of playing competitive football with a spirit of fairness will always have a place and role within the ranks of Lugarno FC.
  • Lugarno FC has abundance of community spirit and a family feel about it. The experience of being associated with the Club is wonderful and positive from the process of signing up to team allocation, training and representing the Club both on and off the field.
  • The Club officials are helpful, friendly and very supportive which helps foster an ideal environment for young kids to learn to play the game in a fun filled and supportive environment. 
  • What makes Lugarno FC unique is its approach to team sports. The commitment displayed by coaches and managers, parents and supporters helps to teach the players to conduct themselves properly and show respect at all times to one another and members of other teams. This approach also assists to improve the self-esteem of young players helping them to grow in confidence by playing the game within a supportive and harmonious peer group environment. 
  • For parents, coaches and managers, players, spectators and supporters, all of whom are volunteers, Lugarno FC epitomises all that is good about community based football.