All Registered Team Officials (RTO’s), including coaches and managers will need to register online with MyFootballClub.
To do this you need an FFA number. If you were have recently been an RTO then you will have one.
You may update your photo if you wish, however, this year, it is not mandatory to provide an updated photo unless it is over 5 years old.

Please note all coaches and managers for under 18 teams need to apply for a Working With Children Number (WWC) and the number needs to be supplied to Lugarno FC who are required to verify it online. If you don’t have a WWC number you will not be able to coach or manage an under 18 team.

To apply for a WWC number click on the following link:

To register online as a coach or manager (RTO) please follow the steps below.

1) Go to the MyFootballClub website by clicking here.

Please note if you are registering as a coach click on the coach selection.
If registering as manager or volunteer click on volunteer selection tap.

2) If you already have an FFA number, select the first option – “Click here to proceed to the login pages”, then proceed to step 3.
If you are not sure what your FFA number is, select the second option – “Click here to proceed” and follow the prompts to retrieve your FFA number, click on your name to login, then proceed to step 3.
If you have never registered before and don’t have an FFA number, select the third
option – “Click here to create an FFA account”. Follow prompts to create an account, repeat steps 1-2 above.

3) After you log in click on the “Register” button.

4) Check that your contact details are correct.

5) Upload a recent photo of yourself by clicking the “update” button. Photos must be a
passport style photo from the shoulders up with no hats or sunglasses.
(Again, NOT mandatory this year if you are an existing RTO).
If you are having difficulty uploading a photo, advise registrar@lugarnofc.com.au
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and move onto the next step.
6) Make sure the mandatory fields have been entered and click the “Next” button.

7) On the next screen, if it is not already selected, enter in the club name which is Lugarno Football Club
(If you get a message saying there are no packages then click OK and check the club name.)

8) Select the Registration role as: “Coach” and answer the questions when the pop-up box appears depending on whether you have formal coaching qualifications or not.
If you are unsure just select ‘No’ and select the age group for which you will be coaching.

9) Select “Coach” as the Registration Package if you will be coaching.

If you will be managing or volunteering then please select the Volunteer Registration Type.
In the pop-up box that appears enter Team Manager category and press confirm.
At Step 3 on this screen, choose the Manager Registration Package

10) Click “Add Packages“, then click Next

11) Tick the checkbox at the top if you do not wish to receive special offers from FFA.
Read and acknowledge all the Terms and Conditions then click Next.

12) Just click Next on the Payment screen.

13) Answer the questions on the last page and click the “Save All Answers” button.

14) This completes the online registration in MyFootballClub.

A scanned copy of your Driver License or Passport (ONLY for new RTO’s this year)
If you were unable to upload a photo in Step 5, please email a photo.

15) Please email the above items to: registrar@lugarnofc.com.au

mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.