New Players


Online registrations open early January 2018.
All Players Must Register Online With “PlayFootballNSW’
just follow the instructions outlined below…

Players turning 5 before 31st December 2018 are eligible to play in the U6’s.
Girls are eligible to play in a mixed team up to the age of 11.  

Please register online and pay your fees immediately.
The deadline for regular priced fee payments is Saturday 24th of February 2018.  Following this, a $20 late fee will be applied to all registrations.
Sorry, no payment plans accepted.
Payment options other than Credit Card or Direct Deposit can only be made at our Registration Support Day (and evening).We strongly prefer you register and pay online.To register as a new player with Lugarno FC, follow these simple steps:

 Important: After registering please return to step 17 below to determine if we need to see Identification.

  Click here to start the registration process – PlayFootballNSW

1.    Click on the “Player” button:

2.    Before you can register, you will need to create an FFA (Football Federation Australia)   Account.  As such, please click on the “REGISTER” button to start creating your FFA Account. 

3.    Fill in all the details (mandatory fields are marked with an (*).  Please ensure all details are correct.  Once you click on the “Create Account” button, your account will be created and you will then  receive an email from the FFA confirming this.  You will then have your FFA number (8 digits) and the password that you chose.

4.    Login following the Football NSW instructions in the email or just click again on the link above.   If you are having trouble logging in, please contact Football NSW on (02) 8020-4199.

Start Registration
5.    After you log in click on the “Register” button.  (You may get a popup stating that you have not yet registered – click on this popup or click the REGISTER button to proceed
6.    Check that your contact details are correct. Modify if required.  Ensure all phone numbers and email addresses are correct and up to date.
7.    You MUST upload a photo for your registration to be approved.  Make sure your photo is recent and appropriate. This means it must be no more than 2 years old for junior players and 5 years old for senior players and RTO’s.  The photo guidelines include …

– Head shots only (from the shoulders up)

– Looking straight at the camera

– Light background if possible

– No glasses to be worn

– No head coverings (except for religious purposes)

If you have any issues with uploading a photo, please email an appropriate photo to the registrar at  and move on to the next step
8.   Go to the bottom of the screen and press NEXT to proceed.
9.  On the next screen, enter in the club name which is Lugarno Football Club (If you get a message saying there are no packages then click OK and check the club name.)
10. In step 2, select the Registration role as: “Player”.
11. In step 3 select the correct Registration Package that applies for your registration. Depending on your age (NOT the age group you wish to play in) you will see one or more of the following selection
U6-U9               – Used for non-comp players that turn 5 to 9 during the year
U10-U11           – Used for non-comp players that turn 10 or 11 during the year       
U12-U17           – Used for competition players that turn 12 to 17 during the year
U18                   – Used for competition players that turn 18 during the year      
U19 and over   – Used for competition players that turn 19 or over during the year
Student – Full Time (>18) – Used for competition players aged over 18 & full-time students
Life Member    – Used for competition players that are Life Members of Lugarno FC
12. Then click the “Add Packages” button in step 4.
You may get a prompt asking if your last registration was to play football in another country. If you get the prompt please make sure you answer no if you have not played overseas last year and click confirm. If however you did play overseas last year, click yes and answer the subsequent questions.
13. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.
14. The next screen asks you to agree to a number of Terms and Conditions.  Some from FFA, St George Football Association and then from Lugarno FC.  Please read and .understand your rights and obligations.  Once you agree, please click NEXT to proceed.

15. Click on “Pay Online” to pay online with a credit card* (VISA or MasterCard).

* This option includes a 2.3% credit card surcharge.
Or you can select the “Manual Payment at Club” button if you want to pay by cash or cheque at our Registration Support Day,
Or if you want to pay by direct debit (EFT transfer) into our bank account, please use the following details:
BSB = 062 234
Account No   = 10367604
Account Name = Lugarno Football Club Inc.
Reference    = [insert player’s full name]
Payment must be made before a registration can be accepted.
Sorry, no payment plans are accepted.
Lugarno FC prefers online payments by credit card or EFT.
Option to pay by cash or cheque ceases after 3rd of February 2018.   
16. Answer the questions on the last page and click the “Save All Answers” button.
17. Do I need to provide further documentation?
  1. If you are a new player and haven’t played in the St. George Football Association in recent (5) years, you will need to provide proof of your age. To do this, please scan and email a copy of either your birth certificate, passport or drivers license to:
  2. If you are a new player registering in the O35’s or O45’s, you MUST provide proof of your age. Please scan and email a copy of either your birth certificate, passport or drivers license to:
  3. If you registered as a full time student, you need to provide proof you are a student.  Please scan and email a copy of your 2018 student identification or
    enrollment documentation to:
Where can I go if I need help with my online registration?
If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you:

1. View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Guides page of the MYFootballClub Website

2. Call FFA Support On (02) 8020 4199 or Email:  
particularly if you are having trouble with your password to login

3. If you are still experiencing problems with registration, contact the Lugarno FC Registrar on
0488 200 270 or Email:

4. Attend the Registration Support Day or Registration Support Evening.


Registration fee Club  fundraising fee Total fee
Non-Competition Players (Age Under 6) $155 $10 $165
Non-Competition Players (Age 7-9) $160 $10 $170
Non-Competition Players (Age 10-11) $170 $10 $180
Competition Players (Ages 12-17) $180 $10 $190
Competition Players (Age 18) $200 $10 $210
Competition Players – Full Time Students* (19 and over)  $280 $10 $290
Competition Players – (Ages 19 and Over)
$330 $10 $340
Life Members^ $175 $10 $185

* Full Time students must provide a copy of their student card.
^ If your name is not on the Life Member list, please do not select this option.

Registrations fees are based on your age this year, not the grade you may be playing in.
Registration fees may be paid online using Credit Card (includes 2.3% fee) or Electronic Funds Transfer (see step 12 above) or by attending the registration support day (or evening) and paying by cash or cheque.

                                 FAMILY DISCOUNTS
A discount on registration fees is available for families with more than 2 registered  players, but only for family members under the age of 18.  In this situation, full  registration fees are payable for 2 family  members (that being the 2 players with the  highest fees), and discounted follows:
– 3rd Child (under 18) = $30 discount
– 4th & subsequent Children (under 18) = Free

Note: Please do not use the online Credit Card payment facility to pay for discounted  children, as the system does not cater for discounts and will invoice you for the full  amount. Instead, you can pay into our account via EFT or by cash or cheque.

                                   REFUND POLICY
Any player injured during the course of the Club’s financial year may not be entitled to a full refund of their registration fee, and is subject to the Club’s Refund Policy.

Any registered player seeking to be de-registered from the Club may be entitled to a full/partial refund of their registration fees, as per the Club’s Refund Policy.

For further information, please refer to our Refund Policy.
To request a refund, please email and state why a
refund is required.

                               MORE REGO INFORMATION

The registration fee is a single charge for the season and still remains lower than the “all up” fee charged by most other clubs. While some clubs may have lower registration fees up front, players at these clubs also pay weekly match fees, resulting in a higher overall expense.

Also, all players registering for the 2018 season will receive the new Lugarno FC Mitre socks, shorts and rain jacket. New players will also receive Lugarno FC training jersey.

These will be supplied via your team manager (not at Rego Day as in previous years).

In the past we have had problems with some teams having too many players and we have had to turn people away. With each age we have a maximum number of players that we will accept. Existing Lugarno players will get preference, provided they register online during the registration period.

If you are unable to attend our registration assistance day, for help with registering please contact the club registrar.

If you need help registering online, or have any other questions about registration please email the Club Registrar.