Lugarno FC Annual General Meeting Committee Update

Lugarno FC held its Annual General Meeting Thursday night 8 November 2018 at Club Grandviews. An overview of club activities and initiatives was provided by President Hagop Tchamkertenian.

The club financials were presented by Treasurer Ivan Jersek and a resolution to change the constitution was approved by members giving effect to the introduction of new Committee roles.

Returning Officer and Life Member Paul Burt spilled all Committee positions and called for nominations. Following the nomination and election process the following Committee roles were confirmed for season 2019.

  • President – Hagop Tchamkertenian
  • Vice President – Atef Elassi
  • Secretary – Sue Dick
  • Assistant Secretary – Maria Radcliffe
  • Treasurer – Eddy Poh
  • Registrar – Octavio Montoya
  • Assistant Registrar – Hagop Tchamkertenian
  • Coaching Director – appointment imminent
  • Senior Male Liaison Officer – Michael Jarevski
  • Girls/Women’s Liaison Officer – Katie White
  • Junior Liaison Officer – Michael Jarevski
  • Non-Comp Liaison Officer – Kristy Parmeter
  • Grading/Trial Match Coordinators – Jeremy Piesley and Vlado Mazevski
  • Sponsorship Officer – Atef Elassi
  • Social Coordinator – Natasha Jankulovski
  • Recorder – Laura Butcher
  • Roster Coordinator – Laura Butcher
  • Communications Officer – Emily Dellas
  • Social Media Coordinator – Katie White
  • Website Coordinator – Domenic Cuda
  • Grounds Manager – Vacant
  • Canteen Managers – Emily Dellas and Sue Dick
  • Trustee/Equipment Officer – Atef Elassi
  • Equipment Assistant – Con Dellas
  • Member Protection Officer – Jarrod Eastwood
  • Public Officer – Sue Dick
  • General Assistants – Leonie Welstead, Bill Krkovski, Ben Petanceski, Ivan Jersek, Giovanni Giraldi, Paul Burt, and Peter Jankulovski

Lugarno FC would like to thank the following Committee members who stepped down from their positions for their contributions: Rebecca Radcliffe; Tony Agioski; Georgea Theodoridis; Georgina Frost; Mary Tchamkertenian and Colin Cuthbert.

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